Station 4 – Jesus meets his mother

Till We Meet Again

Imagine on the road to the cross Jesus and his mother come together for a final goodbye. How does one say goodbye to a child, to a mother?

When families are separated by borders, unfair laws and long distances for years, sometimes forever we imagine their goodbyes include tender words with the images and memories of their lives together bubbling up.

Much like a collage of color, words, sounds and images that they carry with them on their journeys along with all the sadness, hopes and the heartache of saying goodbye.

There are many objects and images that remind us of mothers, these are a few. Some are romantic and nostalgic while others represent the difficulty that some families experience.

We chose objects and then we decoupaged them with words and images that symbolized all the memories that we hold together as we say goodbye to mothers. Words that sustain us for our journey ahead, words of grief and saying goodbye and words that hold the memories of our time together.

What are your words of Goodbye?

Friendship Presbyterian Church

No specific scripture refers to this station, however we know that Jesus’s mother was at the foot of the cross, so they must have seen each other.


Station 13 – Jesus is taken down from the cross and laid in his mother’s arms

What are the obstacles in the path of justice? 

The genesis of this image came from contemplating some stories my lawyer wife told about doing pro bono work at a border detention facility in Texas.

She was among a group of lawyers who were tasked to interview unaccompanied minors who had been detained by border control to determine if the children had been abused while in custody.

They spoke with children in their early teens that related stories of unimaginable horror about their desperate and dangerous journeys to the U.S.

The central figures in the piece are based on Michelangelo’s Pieta, which is the most iconic image of the lamentation over the dead Christ. I was thinking how closely the life of Jesus parallels the lives of these detainees.

Like the detainees, Jesus was poor, unemployed, nomadic, a minority, and at some point would have been considered an “illegal alien.”

Tim Vermeulen
Grace Commons
Oil on panel

Scripture related to this station is included in the comments of this post.