Station 6 – Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Beyond Borders

What happens if we deconstruct the physical and psychological “borders” of humanity – of ethnicity, race, gender, socioeconomic status, and beyond? If we embrace our common human experience while honoring our roots and culture, are we better able to support each other in times of suffering?

This piece explores the 6th Station of the Cross, when Veronica gives Jesus her veil to wipe his face. Upon return, she finds an image of his face imprinted on the veil. Veronica likely recognizes differences between herself and Jesus, but that does not stop her from offering relief to the suffering man.

Beyond Borders considers these moral implications in an immigration context.

Atlas borders were literally torn up to create this image of a hand reaching beyond existing constructs to offer relief.

The hand, painted with dirt reminiscent of that which Jesus encountered on his journey, is a reminder that we can provide relief to those “strangers” in our lives.

With compassion, kindness, and a willingness to reach beyond comfort levels, we can uplift our neighbors and ourselves.

Catherine Game
Grace Commons
24″ x 36″
Mixed Media (Maps, Dirt, Tumeric, Red Wine)

No specific scripture refers to Veronica wiping the face of Jesus—the remembrance of this act is a tradition of the church.